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record challengeThe 2015 Ponderosa Stomp Record Show will feature "tens of thousands of records from a variety of dealers... there is also a focus on the music of the Gulf Coast states, New Orleans in particular, and the artists represented at the Ponderosa Stomp concert and conference." Yeah, baby! We can't wait! What better place to search for missing code numbers?

flambeauIt does our heart good to see that the Mystic Knights decided to use Flambeau 103 as the basis for one of this year's graphics, and leave the code (133-2310) intact... very cool! Although there have been many Stomp artists with Cosimo Coded releases, the record holder (if you will) may just be the mighty, mighty Tony Owens. As you might recall, it was only a year ago that we found the smokin' previously unknown Soulin' 148 (251-2578):

...who knows how many other great records are out there waiting to be discovered?

recordsSo, here's the deal... if you're digging through the stacks at the Record Show, and you find a 45 or LP that bears a Cosimo Code (either on the label or in the 'dead wax'), check to see if the matrix number (the second one) is listed among The Missing. If it is, come show it to Red Kelly or John Broven (both of whom will be in attendance*), or shoot us an email at The first person to uncover a missing code number wins a free ticket to the Stomp. Simple as that...

See You There!

*JOHN BROVEN will be moderating THIS SHOULD GO ON FOREVER with ROD BERNARD at 12:45pm on October 1st - RED KELLY will be moderating WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES with WILLIE HIGHTOWER at 3:00pm.

*The 2015 COSIMO CODE CHALLENGE is not affiliated with THE PONDEROSA STOMP FOUNDATION, and remains the sole responsibility of THE COSIMO CODE and its parent agency SOUL DETECTIVE. Good Luck!

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As outlined in the above video (just click on the big yellow White Cliffs label), this website is dedicated to New Orleans studio genius Cosimo Matassa...

clientsIn 1960, Matassa began assigning hyphenated matrix numbers to the 45s he mastered at his studio on Governor Nicholls Street. We have recently discovered that these 'Cosimo Code' numbers followed a set chronological pattern. It is the mission of this site to attempt to log, by year, every known recording emblazoned with this code.

forumEach of these 'year' pages (accessed from the navigation bar above) also contains commentary and pertinent facts about Crescent City music happenings during that particular year. There are links provided from each 45 to label scans and further information where available, as well as literally hundreds of playable sides. Clicking on the play button next to any track will open up an audio playlist for that page, and play all ensuing tracks in the order they were originally recorded.

forumThe site is continually updated through our Forum, so be sure to check for the Latest Additions since your last visit. Codes that remain unaccounted for are listed on our Missing Numbers page, and we now also have our own YouTube Channel, where we upload our most recent audio finds.

clientsAt the top and bottom of each page, you will find a button that reads 'more' - clicking on it will guide you to a wealth of other information about this largely unexplored period in New Orleans music history, including pages that list Client Numbers, Dover Distributed Labels, Non-Coded Chart Hits, and suggested Further Reading.

   by John Broven
A brief explanation of The Cosimo Code including how it came to be discovered, and what it represents. "By annotating the series for the first time, we are able to get a better all-round picture of the recording sessions carried out at the Cosimo studios..."

Released in conjunction with Ace Records in the UK, our first ever CD pulls together some of the best music ever recorded on Governor Nicholls Street, from the well-known to the obscure, complete with a companion 28 page booklet of rare photos and in-depth liner notes by founding members John Broven, Red Kelly and John Ridley. Simply essential, click here for track listing, reviews and ordering information.

On April 12, 2015, a panel discussion about Cosimo was held in New Orleans as part of the French Quarter Festival's Let Them Talk: Conversations on Louisiana Music series. Moderated by John Broven, the panel featured Allen Toussaint and Deacon John (who surprised all of us with impromptu performances of a couple of Minit classics), along with a presentation about The Code by Red Kelly. Click here to view a video of the event.

- A Fond Farewell to the true Architect of Rock & Roll and The Godfather of New Orleans R&B   by John Broven
As we're sure you know by now, New Orleans Legend, Hall of Fame engineer, producer and much-loved family man Cosimo Matassa passed away on September 11th. If you haven't already, please take the time to read John Broven's heartfelt tribute to Cosimo, whom he describes as "A Treasure of a Man."

A Fresh Air segment featuring Ed Ward - broadcast 1/23/15

You may now search the entire site with one click wherever you see this custom search field:

"Lee Dorsey was a terrific vocalist who I worked with in New Orleans at Cosimo's Studio beginning in 1961..." Bobby Robinson has said. Now, thanks to actual session sheets and master tapes recently uncovered by Rob Santos in the SONY vaults, we take a closer look at some of the records that both Bobby and his infamous partner Marshall Sehorn cut down on Governor Nicholls, including an interesting discovery about one of Lee's biggest hits.

It's a little known fact that 'The Killer', Jerry Lee Lewis, cut his initial demo recordings at Cosimo Matassa's J&M Studios in New Orleans in 1952. First-time Cosimo Code contributor Jay Halsey explains the circumstances surrounding that session, and shares the raw energy of those tracks with us.

The first ever in-depth look at New Orleans legend John 'Scarface' Williams, written for us by his daughter, Deborah. A founding member of Huey Smith's Clowns, Williams went on to lead his own group, The Tick Tocks, and head his own tribe of Mardi Gras Indians during his short yet remarkable life. Annotated by John Broven, Deborah Williams tells her father's story through never before seen photographs, some rare audio, and a surprising video clip!

ric and ronBe sure to check out our Ric and Ron Page, where celebrated New Orleans author Jeff Hannusch tells the story of how, with the help of R&B legend Tommy Ridgley, he tracked down the missing Ric and Ron masters and set about re-issuing this timeless music for a new generation. Thanks to Scott Billington and Adam Taylor at Rounder, Jeff has also been able to provide us with some amazing images.

LPsOriginally thought to only apply to 45s, in the course of compiling this list we've learned that The Code was also used for EPs and LPs, following the same sequential pattern. Hot off the presses, our new LPs Page gathers together all known 'coded' LPs. - Many thanks go to Peter Hoogers for digging deep once again and unearthing these rarities, and for sharing his scans with us. As always, we welcome you to post any new additions you might have on the forum. 14 NEW LPS ADDED!!

forumOur Artifacts pages gather together more previously unseen high quality photographs, studio session sheets and tape boxes from the bygone era when the Code was King... We hope you will enjoy your time with us here at The Cosimo Code, and we encourage you to become a member of our Forum and join in the ongoing discussion about this magnificent music. Welcome Aboard!